Eskort factory shop heidelberg contact details

eskort factory shop heidelberg contact details

can train to do, with each discipline ticked off once complete. Your name, your email address Please enter a valid email address. Your message, this field is required. In the same year the manufacture of the now famous Eskort Gold Medal Pork Sausages commenced and the co-operatives continued marketing of excellent products was rewarded with the third successive win in the export hams and bacon categories at the 1922 Rand Easter Show. During World War Two over 1-million tins of sausages were supplied to the Allied Forces all over the world. Its philosophy of charity beginning at home is richly demonstrated by its sponsorship of an aids orphanage in Estcourt and a shelter for the street kids of Heidelberg, with countless other projects currently underway. Your mobile number Please enter a valid mobile number. Please detail the incorrect information for this record. Listeriosis grows in various places, including food and soil. In 1917 a group of nine people gathered in Estcourt, KwaZulu-Natal, to discuss the establishment of a bacon curing factory in the area.

That quality brings us back to the subject of investment in state-of-the-art equipment and its benefits. From the distribution centres, goods are shipped to numerous retail and wholesale outlets, including Spar, Shoprite Checkers and Pick n Pay. Our slaughter and deboning lines are now close to what is done in Europe, where we are regular visitors, Prinsloo explains. Eskort is actively involved in social projects in local communities. The Eskort range now extends to over 100 product lines with the company aiming to introduce around 12 new products each year. Over 12 tonnes of bacon per week were supplied to convoys calling at Durban harbour. We have brought production costs down and seen an improvement in quality and staff morale. Eskort is also the proud sponsor of the Eskort Cavanaugh Marathon. Eskort is a leading South African manufacturer of processed pork products that include bacon, hams, sausages, polonies, ribs, viennas and a range of crumbed pork products. As of Sunday, the listeriosis outbreak has claimed 180 lives and hospitalised a further 1 000. Furthermore, in July 2008, Eskort re-opened its totally revamped Eskort Butchery in Heidelberg, selling products direct to the consumer.

Recent additions include spare ribs and bacon cherry sticks. Cape Town - KwaZulu-Natal processed meat producer Eskort has called for calm amid Minister of Health Aaron Motsoaledis announcement that processed meat was the source of South Africas latest and worst listeriosis outbreak on record. The latest news has caused panic among consumers, leading them to dispose of processed meat products they have already purchased including polony, viennas, ham and cold meats. To share this with a friend, please fill out the form below. Mr Thrupps of Johannesburg became one of the co-operatives first large clients.