Dating dungeon luna online

dating dungeon luna online

so that players can have more time to rest. People have wasted their time doing full DDs to reach very high levels and suddenly, you can do it in a very short time. And i believe the lvlling map will get merrier. 2) Create a party, find this special person and invite him/her. 1 hour ago, zitrous said: want to suggest. Don't forget to enter the dungeon everyday at the right time. FYI, the classic Luna only offers you 3 rounds of DD a day while you can do 10 rounds in CL, which means you'll be leveled up faster than it should. 1) Double click the person from the list in the Date Matching window to start a 1:1 chat. The monsters here are mainly ant-type monsters, poisonous spiders, coyotes, bandit groups and. Therefore, by reducing DD limit and increasing the exp.

Parasus Oasis is one of the newly added maps. IMO, it somewhat takes the fun away. Among them, the fierce Grey-brown Bear is a better target to level up, but it has very high strength. Also, the monsters and boss inside the tower have a certain probability of dropping enhancement gem and rare items.

Just a suggestion btw. You can get a lot of rewards inside! You better team up with others, so that you won't lose your life even if you don't have enough strength.

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If possible match age, location, likes and dislikes as then you should have no problem. Not to mention that DD monsters are easier to kill and inflict less damage than their originals, so why bother killing their buff-ier cousin when you can go for the weaker one. How can I be sure me and my friend can do a date dungeon? Do we have to be boy/girl or can we be boy/boy or girl/girl. The long-awaited, lUNA Online Plus has finally launched! Currently its only boy/girl however they do want to allow any combination. How often can we do the dating dungeon? 3 minutes ago, zitrous said: what i mean. Can I change my registration card? Sahara Area : Scorching sunlight, numerous sand hills, and wide desert is the characteristics of Sahara area.