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growing extremism in the majority population, which they believe could threaten them in the long term. Full-time missionaries have taught Baha'is in many countries and report that they are open to discussing religion and receiving missionary lessons but exhibit little interest in joining the Church. Excerpt: In recent years the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI) has been a haven for minorities fleeing the turmoil and sectarian violence in the south of Iraq. A lack of language-specific units creates many challenges for the Church to effectively develop a sense of community among Iranians and creates challenges attracting interest among nonmembers that cannot speak English fluently or with enough competency to have meaningful spiritual experiences attending church. Missionaries have been resourceful and diligent in teaching and baptizing Iranians notwithstanding many challenges. . These conditions have generated many stalwart converts who have greatly contributed to building up the Church with fellow Iranians but have also deterred some converts from fully living church teachings and openly discussing their religion. Le bien comprend les deux lieux les plus sacrés de la religion baháie, car associés à ses pères fondateurs : le mausolée de Baháulláh à Acre et le mausolée de Báb à Hafa, avec leurs jardins environnants et les monuments et btiments associés.

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bahai dejtingsajt

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Returned missionaries dating app för ensamstående kvinnor äldre 50 in the California Anaheim Mission reported that the Church briefly extended Farsi-specific outreach until regional church leadership discontinued the program, citing safety concerns for formerly Muslim converts. . In mid-2011, missionaries reported that approximately 25 of the 100 Iranian members in one ward in the Toronto area attended church regularly and that approximately half of recent converts were active. . The assignment of the handful of Iranian members who serve full-time missions to locations with sizable Iranian populations has good potential for accelerating growth and establishing a permanent LDS community among Iranians in additional locations. . Les lieux saints baháis, à Hafa et en Galilée occidentale, sont inscrits en raison de leur profonde signification spirituelle et de leur importance dans la grande tradition de pèlerinage de la foi baháie. Although Farsi (Iranian Persian or Western Farsi) is the official language and most commonly spoken first language in Iran, there are several additional languages spoken by over one million people including Azerbaijani, Kurdish, Gilaki, Mazandarani, Luri, and Balochi. . Challenges, there are no Farsi-designated wards or branches in the Church notwithstanding hundreds of Iranian Latter-day Saints worldwide. .

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